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The King’s man Review

The King’s man Written and Directed by Matthew Vaughn Stars Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton Rhys Ifans & Djimon Hounsou. This is the 3rd film in the Kingman’s franchise however this installment is a prequel to the previous two installments. The King’s man takes place early in the 20th century and focuses on the creation of the Kingsman agency and its founders standing against a cabal looking to conquer the world.

This entry is a true return to form, it has all the fun and absurdness of its predecessors while also grounding the series in a realistic way. Matthew Vaughn’s love for the source material (The Secret Service Comic Book) is on full display as he continues to bring life to such a colorful world. The entire cast managed to equally stand out, which is nearly impossible with such an ensemble of characters.

There was nothing really groundbreaking or breathtaking however if you enjoyed the first installment this film will be a perfect addition and comfort that the franchise seems to be back on track after the lackluster sequel The Golden Circle. The cinematography and direction is on par with the first two entries as it is a bright and colorful film. Some sets and backdrops you can tell are completely CGI however it won’t pull you too far out of the experience.

With a cast stock full of charisma and more than enough talent to go around, added in with a compelling and emotionally driven story, The King’s Man is more than just a serviceable addition it is a stand-out and deserves a viewing or two.


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A film worth returning to the theater for as it is a blast to spend as much time in this world with these characters as possible. Any complaints I had would be minor and truly don’t effect the finished product.


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