Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft has once again blessed fans with their chaotic, open-world game where you overthrow a mean tyrannical leader. If you enjoy that, you’ll enjoy Far Cry 6. For those a little more unsure about taking the plunge into another Far Cry, the newest installment has a plethora of things.

Bring on the revolution

We find ourselves in the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, ruled by dictator Antón Castillo. This time around, you’ll play as Dani Rojas, a guerrilla soldier fighting to return their fictional, Cuban-inspired nation of Yara to its former glory. As is seemingly tradition now in Ubisoft titles, you can select the gender of your Dani before gameplay begins.

Far Cry 6 brings back everything I love about Far Cry – a compelling yet charismatic villain, an exotic locale to explore, and chaotic free-form gameplay that gives me the freedom to play how I want. It’s a truly remarkable step up, but it’s not afraid to tinker with the tried-and-true formula too.

The most immediate and noticeable change is the complete removal of the skill tree. A staple in almost every open-world game of this ilk, Far Cry 6 instead, as you complete tasks, you’ll earn experience that allows the character to unlock new weapons and gear. Equipment can also be found in chests while exploring the world or completing treasure hunt missions that are spread throughout Yara.

Early on one of Dani’s mentors, former spymaster Juan Cortez, tells the hero that players must bring in the right tool for the job, and “Far Cry 6” is built around this concept. Missions will ask players to infiltrate a base or join an assault on a convoy. Each task requires different types of weapons, armor and a specialized backpack called a Supremo which is a neat addition to your arsenal. It can be customised to unleash different devastating attacks on your enemies. It can be recharged by taking out multiple foes, so it’s a cool tool to have if things do heat up a little during battle. Additionally, you can also find Resolver Weaponry, which are pieces of literal junk slapped together to make a Frankenstein-type weapon like a CD launcher gun that plays the 90’s hit Macarena as it shoots out compact discs. Although they sound cool in the flavor text, in practice they are just more gimmicky than useful. It’s a more complicated system and one that requires players to constantly juggle their weapons and load-outs for scenarios. It’s cumbersome.


Far Cry 6 is prepared to go well beyond the bounds of what would be considered normal behaviour, which is utterly in keeping with its theme of fomenting a revolution when the alternative would be enslavement.

It is, by a long distance, the best Far Cry since the third game in the series, and in terms of its sheer scope and complexity – particularly in narrative terms – it even outshines Far Cry 3 in our opinion. Which, almost by definition, makes it a classic.


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Far Cry 6 has all the sophistication of a role-playing game, along with the tactics of a shooter, and it's as immersive as a Netflix series.

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    Far Cry 6 has all the sophistication of a role-playing game, along with the tactics of a shooter, and it's as immersive as a Netflix series.Far Cry 6