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Maggie Q IS the Protégé

Since John Wick dropped in theaters back in 2014, we have seen quite a few action films similar to the John Wick template and The Protégé was able to create a strong female lead movie in a predominately male field of film.  Anna (Maggie Q) is rescued as a child from world-class assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) cared for as his own daughter, Anna is trained in his profession. She is a highly skilled contract killer with a specialty in locating the impossible to find, as well as a procurer of rare items. When the man who gave her “a life” is brutally murdered, Anna begins a journey of discovery and revenge. As she hunts those responsible she crosses paths with Rembrandt (Michael Keaton) a loyal, and skilled guardian who stands in Anna’s way of vengeance.

The three leads do well by putting this film on their backs and breathing life into what could easily be your run-of-the-mill Martin Campbell-directed espionage film. Even with the beautiful cinematography and lavish set pieces, the film alone is immensely average. However, those leads mentioned, make any shared screen time overflow with charisma and entertainment. The problem I found is having to slush through a story of revenge that I found myself caring all too little for.

The action and comedy can be especially great at times. The interaction from the leads is also quite gripping. Maggie Q, in my opinion, proved she is able to become the leading lady Hollywood has been gearing her towards, as long as she is accompanied by the right supporting cast. Samuel L Jackson does a tremendous job of making you care for their relationship. The film could have benefited from pairing them together for more of the run time. Michael Keaton has an extraordinary way of somehow radiating and elevating scenes without stealing the spotlight.

The Protégé is a film that is easily quite entertaining at times and somewhat nostalgic in its delivery. Martin Campbell has an aptitude for this genre and was able to accomplish quite a lot with a mediocre story and a brilliant cast.


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I honestly do recommend this film if you’re headed to the cinema or would rather catch it when it becomes available for streaming.
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    I honestly do recommend this film if you’re headed to the cinema or would rather catch it when it becomes available for streaming.The protégé