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The Batman Review

The Batman is an exceptionally dark film both tonally and visually. A horror-inspired Noir film with Batman’s detective skills front and center.

Once the Riddler begins sadistically murdering Politicians and criminals alike, (which some could argue there is no difference in Gotham) Batman must rely on his detective skills to investigate how deep the corruption in Gotham really goes.

Let’s start with Batman. Robert Pattinson is most definitely in my top 3 live-action adaptations of this character. He is bruting and dominating, intimidating and mysterious, yet as for Bruce Wayne and the duality of the character, I found this extremely lacking and probably the worst portrayal of Bruce Wayne. Bruce is meant to be the mask while Batman is the real version of Mr. Wayne. The disguise is Bruce Wayne’s demeanor, how can a selfish playboy be The Batman?? This aspect is 100% missing from this version of Batman/Bruce Wayne in my opinion anyone who interacted with Bruce Wayne would immediately come to the realization that Bruce is in fact, Batman.

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman/Selena Kyle also struggled with the duality portion of the character but to a much lesser degree, and still managed to be a believable portrayal of the antihero, also the twist on her backstory is fresh and welcomed. The chemistry between The Bat and the Cat is present and feels genuine.

Paul Dano absolutely fits into this world as the Riddler, sadistic and methodical, and always just one step ahead of his pursuers. He brings a fresh and darker take to this character, far closer to John Doe in se7en than the colorful rendition from Jim Carrey.

Gotham is a highlight as this film continues the tradition of making Gotham as much a character as the next. The atmosphere is dark and claustrophobic, and absolutely no place for the weak or timid. 

The film does an amazing job of letting you feel like a spectator into the life of a Gothamite while taking you on a journey of twists and turns that never feel forced or condescending. The film lets you come to your own conclusion rather than spoon-feeding you what it thinks you SHOULD feel.

I have very few gripes regarding the film other than those listed above. I wish it did a better job of raising the stakes. There is a particular scene that I will not spoil but as soon as this scene took place in the film, I completely disregarded any stakes or tension they attempted to build.

This is not just a good batman movie, It is a great film it does a really great job of giving attention to those who deserve the attention, for instance, Collin Farrell as Oz/The Penguin is a massive stand out and consumes the screen whenever he is on it. I was worried about the number of villains they added into this story, but they really did an amazing job of giving everyone their dues.

The Batman deserves for you to go see it in the cinema on the largest screen possible as it is full of spectacular cinematography and an outstanding score that had no right to be as good as it was.

In addition to seeing the film early, the City of Tampa was lucky enough to have The Batman Exhibit make a pit stop and Review Junkies was able to attend. The Batman Exhibit brought in one of the Batmobiles along with some costumes that were used in the film. The costumes displayed were Batman, Catwoman, The Riddler, and one of Oswald Cobblepot’s suits.

Here are some of the pictures from the event.


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The Batman glides into theaters on Friday, March 4th.

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    The Batman glides into theaters on Friday, March 4th.The Batman Review