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Elvis Review

Baz Luhrmann’s visual, seductive take on “Elvis” will make this generation listen to his music and realize why they called him The King.

Elvis is a biopic about the legendary singer on his rise to fame and his untimely death through the eyes of his longtime business manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The story begins when the Colonel hears his record on the radio while managing a carnival. This is when the Colonel realized that what Elvis has is something special and his way to becoming a very rich and powerful manager.

Tom Hank’s performance as the Colonel is quite impressive under all that latex and being the villain when he’s trying to manipulate the audience that all his doing was for Elvis’s well-being. The star of the film is the breakout performance of Austin Butler as The King himself. His accent, moves, and signing will make you believe that he was Elvis reincarnated. I would be shocked if his name isn’t mentioned around award time.

Baz Luhrmann directed this film with his vision in mind which is different from his previous films (Moulin Rouge & Romeo Juliet). The score for the film was intriguing as it uses the music of the era while mixing it with the music of today and I have to say, it worked. If there is one thing that hurts the film is the fast pace of telling his story in a razzle-dazzle form of this film as it highlights some of the world events that took place and does not indulge more in his personal life.

What Elvis accomplished within around 20 years is probably the most impressive if you knew nothing about him. Seeing what his music did to his generation not only ended with him but lives on today. I was never an Elvis fan but after seeing this last week, it made me listen to his greatest hits. Elvis is a movie that all music lovers should see in the best theater possible.


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If you were a fan of 2018 “Bohemian Rhapsody” or 2019’s “Rocker Man”, you will enjoy Elvis.


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Elvis Review If you were a fan of 2018 “Bohemian Rhapsody” or 2019’s “Rocker Man”, you will enjoy Elvis.